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You can make an app

You Can Make An App bookazine from Future Publishing, featuring my piece on app design.


MGWordCounter, a free and open source live word-counting implementation for OS X NSTextView and iOS UITextView.

Sticky Notifications

Introducing Sticky Notifications, an OS X app for quick notes and reminders.

Closed for Business

Open platforms don't work for commercial success. Closed is where the smart developer money is.

API Design

My years of experience in creating reusable components distilled into 25 rules.


An open source iOS GUI component providing pop-up tile-based menus.

Thoughts on Appsterdam

Thoughts on the Appsterdam initiative, as its founder steps back to pursue new ventures.

Latest Version

Why you should feel free to develop your app for the newest version of the operating system only.

On/Off Switches

User experience issues with On/Off switch implementations.

Favorites 2 UI design

A progressive set of UI/UX mockups of my iPhone speed-dial app, Favorites.

Pie Menus on iOS

Pie (circular, radial) menus implemented on iOS, for the iPad. A touch screen user experience concept implemented, with screenshot and video.

Apps vs the Web

The difference between native mobile apps and web apps, and the additional user experience cost of not being native.

Makers and Takers

The importance of contributing to your field of interest with new work and ideas, rather than simply extracting money from the system.

Accessibility for iPhone and iPad apps

How to implement VoiceOver accessibility support in iPhone and iPad apps to help visually impaired users. The importance of accessible technology.

Finger Tools

A multi-touch user experience and user interface concept for tools attached to each finger of the hand, for painting and other canvas apps.

MGSplitViewController for iPad

Open source iPad split view replacement for iOS, including portrait and landscape configurations, draggable splitters, and much more.

Touch Notation

A notation system using symbols to describe multi-touch gestures like tap, swipe and rotate. Includes Photoshop and Illustrator shapes and a glossary.

Your App's Website Sucks

How to create an app product web site that encourages users to download, try and buy the software. Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

iPad Multi-Touch

Open source code, screenshots and videos showing how many simultaneous touch events the iPad supports - it goes up to eleven.

Engineer Thinking

The tendency of engineers to include configurable functionality in apps, when a non-configurable option suiting the majority of users would be better.

iPad Application Design

The theory, design concepts and metaphors behind iPad user interface and user experience. How to look and behave like a proper iOS application.

iPhone Development Emergency Guide

A brief and direct guide to getting started with iOS development, for experienced developers on other platforms. Your questions answered.

What have you tried?

How to properly ask technical questions, and demonstrate that you've done your research and are willing to learn on your own.

Favorites UI design

A discussion of the user interface and user experience design decisions in Favorites, my speed dial app for the iPhone.