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Personal 10 min read

Chasing the Northern Lights, and finding wonder in our world.


Personal 7 min read

I wasn't always called Matt Gemmell.

In Winter

Personal 6 min read

My dark dreams as the year draws to a close.


Personal 2 min read

Ten years ago, a friend and I decided to try being together.


Music & Personal 7 min read

Sultans of Swing has accompanied me through my life.

Ten years

Personal & Blog 1 min read

Today marks a decade since I started writing at


Personal 4 min read

On our unpreparedness for being thrust into the decisions of adulthood.


Personal 9 min read

I am one possible version of myself.


Personal & Religion 5 min read

It's easy to disdain wishes until you have something to wish for.


Personal 10 min read

My experience with anxiety and panic attacks.

Not a geek

Personal 6 min read

The difficulty I have in defining myself, and how I don't feel like I'm primarily a software developer.


Personal & Writing 8 min read

My compulsion to leave something behind, and be remembered.


Personal 3 min read

A gallery of photos of my wife and I over the years so far.