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API Design

My years of experience in creating reusable components distilled into 25 rules.


An open source iOS GUI component providing pop-up tile-based menus.

Open Source Code

A set of best practices for releasing open source code, to maximise its usefulness.

On/Off Switches

User experience issues with On/Off switch implementations.

Favorites 2 UI design

A progressive set of UI/UX mockups of my iPhone speed-dial app, Favorites.

MGSplitViewController for iPad

Open source iPad split view replacement for iOS, including portrait and landscape configurations, draggable splitters, and much more.

iPad Multi-Touch

Open source code, screenshots and videos showing how many simultaneous touch events the iPad supports - it goes up to eleven.

Gemmell Inside

Gemmell Inside logos and badges to use in your software products if you've used Matt Legend Gemmell's source code.