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A final laptop

Tech 4 min read

The ultra-portable laptop for regular users is now a perfected device.


Tech 5 min read

Thoughts on the Apple Watch, and where it fits into the market.


Tech 3 min read

I've simplified my set of computing devices, to help clear my mind and let me move.


Tech 5 min read

The day I learned that the world isn't optimal, and it's OK to be unhappy about that.


Tech & Productivity 4 min read

Some details on my data backup strategy, and the tools I use.


Tech 7 min read

Regarding Twitter's recent change (then reversion) of the block function.

The Reconstructed Man

Women & Tech 13 min read

My continuing journey to find and filter prejudice, and my good fortune in having strong female role models.


Women, Morality & Tech 13 min read

A condemnation of our continuing discrimination and sexism towards women.

Microsoft Signature

Tech 1 min read

Microsoft Stores will sell demo/crapware-free PCs, calling the process 'Signature'.

Nintendo 3DS Review

Tech & Games 12 min read

A review of the Nintendo 3DS (and Ocarina of Time) after owning one for a week.

Dear TextMate

Tech & Software 3 min read

A letter to a formerly beloved OS X text editor, upon bumping into its long-awaited 2.0.

Open Source webOS

Tech 1 min read

Why HP making webOS open source probably spells the death of the platform.

Low Expectations

Tech & Design 1 min read

On the low expectations of the PC industry press regarding hardware quality.


Writing & Tech 3 min read

The search for simplicity, elegance and focus in my life, both online and offline.

SEO for Non-dicks

Tech 3 min read

Why dishonest Search Engine Optimization tactics are self-defeating. Instead, focus on creating trustworthy, genuine, relevant content repeatedly.

Lion in VMware Fusion

Tech & Software 1 min read

How to install and run Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, and Windows 8, in VMware Fusion 4. Includes screenshots.

Blogging With Octopress

Blog & Tech 3 min read

How to migrate from WordPress to Octopress, for static 'baked' blogging. Tips for configuring Octopress and Apache for the best performance.

Manually Migrating to a new Mac

Guide & Tech 14 min read

Migrating to a new Mac without using Time Machine or updating. Which files to copy, and what to keep from the old machine. A checklist.