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Thoughts on the Apple Watch, and where it fits into the market.


I've simplified my set of computing devices, to help clear my mind and let me move.


The day I learned that the world isn't optimal, and it's OK to be unhappy about that.


Some details on my data backup strategy, and the tools I use.


Thoughts on preserving our digital legacy.

Finder Tags

How I use Finder tags on OS X.

Burying the URL

Most people shouldn't need to see or think about URLs.


Regarding Twitter's recent change (then reversion) of the block function.

The Reconstructed Man

My continuing journey to find and filter prejudice, and my good fortune in having strong female role models.

Sticky Notifications

Introducing Sticky Notifications, an OS X app for quick notes and reminders.

API Design

My years of experience in creating reusable components distilled into 25 rules.


A condemnation of our continuing discrimination and sexism towards women.

Augmented Paper

A discussion of an increasingly-prevalent UX aesthetic that appeals to me on touch-screen devices.

Thoughts on Appsterdam

Thoughts on the Appsterdam initiative, as its founder steps back to pursue new ventures.

PlayStation Vita

A brief review of Sony's new PlayStation Vita portable gaming system, with screenshots.

Microsoft Signature

Microsoft Stores will sell demo/crapware-free PCs, calling the process 'Signature'.

Nintendo 3DS Review

A review of the Nintendo 3DS (and Ocarina of Time) after owning one for a week.

Opinions in Journalism

The importance of expressing an opinion in tech journalism and blogging.

Open Source Code

A set of best practices for releasing open source code, to maximise its usefulness.

Dear TextMate

A letter to a formerly beloved OS X text editor, upon bumping into its long-awaited 2.0.

Open Source webOS

Why HP making webOS open source probably spells the death of the platform.

Low Expectations

On the low expectations of the PC industry press regarding hardware quality.


The search for simplicity, elegance and focus in my life, both online and offline.

On/Off Switches

User experience issues with On/Off switch implementations.

Favorites 2 UI design

A progressive set of UI/UX mockups of my iPhone speed-dial app, Favorites.

SEO for Non-dicks

Why dishonest Search Engine Optimization tactics are self-defeating. Instead, focus on creating trustworthy, genuine, relevant content repeatedly.

Lion in VMware Fusion

How to install and run Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, and Windows 8, in VMware Fusion 4. Includes screenshots.

Blogging With Octopress

How to migrate from WordPress to Octopress, for static 'baked' blogging. Tips for configuring Octopress and Apache for the best performance.

Pie Menus on iOS

Pie (circular, radial) menus implemented on iOS, for the iPad. A touch screen user experience concept implemented, with screenshot and video.

Favorite Mailboxes in Lion Mail

Using keyboard shortcuts and the Favorites Bar in Mail on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to quickly and easily open mailboxes and move messages.

The Matt Gemmell Daily

My dislike of collections of links without any editorial contribution, as exemplified by

Using Spaces on OS X Lion

How to restore most of Mac OS X Snow Leopard's Spaces functionality on 10.7 Lion, including keyboard shortcuts, multiple Spaces and pinned apps.

Apps vs the Web

The difference between native mobile apps and web apps, and the additional user experience cost of not being native.

Using OS X with an SSD plus HDD setup

How to use Mac OS X with a dual drive, hard disk (HDD) plus solid state (SSD) configuration, booting from SSD. Keeping large files on another drive.

Manually Migrating to a new Mac

Migrating to a new Mac without using Time Machine or updating. Which files to copy, and what to keep from the old machine. A checklist.

Makers and Takers

The importance of contributing to your field of interest with new work and ideas, rather than simply extracting money from the system.

Accessibility for iPhone and iPad apps

How to implement VoiceOver accessibility support in iPhone and iPad apps to help visually impaired users. The importance of accessible technology.

Finger Tools

A multi-touch user experience and user interface concept for tools attached to each finger of the hand, for painting and other canvas apps.

MGSplitViewController for iPad

Open source iPad split view replacement for iOS, including portrait and landscape configurations, draggable splitters, and much more.

iPad Application Design

The theory, design concepts and metaphors behind iPad user interface and user experience. How to look and behave like a proper iOS application.