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Writing 4 min read

If we don't support the artistic output we enjoy, it will inevitably vanish.


Writing & Blog 3 min read

On feeling free to write for myself, and let readership take care of itself.


Writing 2 min read

On the interplay of imagination and fiction.


Writing 12 min read

Some thoughts on incorporating themes, symbolism and motifs into writing.


Writing 2 min read

A writer's job is find the lie that's truer than real life.

Fan Fiction

Writing 5 min read

On the importance of fan fiction as literary output.

Thinking slowly

Writing 6 min read

Analogue tools apply a drag force that helps us think before creating.

Offscreen 8

Writing 1 min read

Offscreen magazine issue 8, featuring my piece on legacy in the digital age.


Sponsor & Writing 1 min read

How to sponsor my writing, and share your message with my audience.


Writing 5 min read

In defence of the judicious use of profanity in writing.

Own your words

Writing 4 min read

Publish your words on your own site, not someone else's.


Writing 5 min read

Everything is about other people's reactions.

Who to read in 2014

Writing 4 min read

The online writers you should be reading, and some of my favourite pieces I've written in 2013.

Language skills

Writing 5 min read

On the importance of having a sound grasp of spelling, grammar and punctuation.


Personal & Writing 8 min read

My compulsion to leave something behind, and be remembered.

How I Write

Blog & Writing 8 min read

Notes on my own writing process, including planning, editing, and dealing with block.

Thank you

Blog & Writing 3 min read

Review of my most popular posts of 2012, and some updated traffic stats for this blog.

One Million

Blog & Writing 1 min read

Review of my most popular posts of 2011, and some traffic stats showing over a million pageviews.


Writing & Tech 3 min read

The search for simplicity, elegance and focus in my life, both online and offline.

Read and Trust

Blog & Writing 1 min read

I'm proud to have been invited to join the Read and Trust network of the best independent writers on the web.


Blog, Internet & Writing 6 min read

The importance of proper attribution when quoting someone's work, avoiding plagiarism, and having a genuine identity to increase credibility online.

Courtesy Suicide

Writing 2 min read

How to ask questions properly via email, and avoid excessive courtesy or superfluous words that make your message difficult to understand.