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On the interplay of imagination and fiction.


Some thoughts on incorporating themes, symbolism and motifs into writing.


A writer's job is find the lie that's truer than real life.

Fan Fiction

On the importance of fan fiction as literary output.

Anthologies in Scrivener

Using Scrivener to create ebook anthologies of essays, short stories, poems, etc.

Genre shame

Coming to terms with writing in a pulp genre.


A tribute to the art of handwriting.


Don't give your work away. Not for anything.

Thinking slowly

Analogue tools apply a drag force that helps us think before creating.

Little guys

On building an audience, and the double-edged sword of having one.

Offscreen 8

Offscreen magazine issue 8, featuring my piece on legacy in the digital age.

You can make an app

You Can Make An App bookazine from Future Publishing, featuring my piece on app design.

One hundred days

My change of career to full-time writing, three months in.


How to sponsor my writing, and share your message with my audience.


In defence of the judicious use of profanity in writing.

Own your words

Publish your words on your own site, not someone else's.


Everything is about other people's reactions.

Raw materials

Writing about what you know isn't always easy.

Who to read in 2014

The online writers you should be reading, and some of my favourite pieces I've written in 2013.

Structuring Your Novel

A chart of the advice in K. M. Weiland's book on Structuring Your Novel.


Our nostalgia traps us.

Fiction Style Guide

A brief summary of my preferred style guide for formatting fiction.

Language skills

On the importance of having a sound grasp of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Working in the Shed

The effectiveness of working without the distraction of internet access.


My compulsion to leave something behind, and be remembered.

How I Write

Notes on my own writing process, including planning, editing, and dealing with block.

Thank you

Review of my most popular posts of 2012, and some updated traffic stats for this blog.

Staying Afraid

Reading (and writing) horror fiction controls the fears we already have.

Writing Tools

The tools and accessories I use for writing; both software and physical.


Rediscovering the short stories I wrote as a teenager.

iBooks Ideas

Non-textbook ideas about what you can make with iBooks Author.

Comments Still Off

One month after switching comments off, I'm a happier blogger and writer.

Opinions in Journalism

The importance of expressing an opinion in tech journalism and blogging.

One Million

Review of my most popular posts of 2011, and some traffic stats showing over a million pageviews.


The search for simplicity, elegance and focus in my life, both online and offline.

Read and Trust

I'm proud to have been invited to join the Read and Trust network of the best independent writers on the web.

Adobe Communication

A rewritten version of Adobe's announcement about the end of mobile Flash Player.


The importance of proper attribution when quoting someone's work, avoiding plagiarism, and having a genuine identity to increase credibility online.

The Matt Gemmell Daily

My dislike of collections of links without any editorial contribution, as exemplified by

Courtesy Suicide

How to ask questions properly via email, and avoid excessive courtesy or superfluous words that make your message difficult to understand.