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Introducing Membership

Blog 1 min read

I’m very excited to announce that as of today, this site now offers a membership option.

Membership is a way for you to support my writing here at, ensure I can continue to create interesting content for you to enjoy, and also get some rewards in the process.

Staging drafts with Jekyll

Code & Jekyll 3 min read

As I’ve mentioned previously, this site is built statically with the excellent Jekyll. If you’re a fellow Jekyll user, you might find this useful.

I wrote a script to easily stage (and unstage) draft posts for Jekyll’s built-in web server, letting you temporarily move aside all other posts and just build the site with the one you’re working on. Jekyll’s creator, Parker Moore, was kind enough to submit a pull-request, and the script is now a Ruby gem (my first one ever).

You can find the code on github, and you can install the gem by running gem install jekyll-staging in your terminal.


Productivity 5 min read

There’s a gadget that sits on my desk every day. Well, there are probably at least a dozen gadgets, but this particular one might surprise you.

The biggest problem I face is keeping my creativity running at as high a level as possible, almost constantly. My job, and maybe yours too, requires that I’m squeezing as much juice from my imagination and wherever the artistry comes from, every minute of the day.

Sleep, exercise, fresh air, and sufficient energy from food are all essential fuels for that kind of high mental and emotional burn-rate. But they’re not enough. I still need little tricks, and rituals. Enter my weird gadget.

Cover images

Blog & Cover 3 min read

I’ve introduced a new magazine-style “cover” design, for certain long-form articles. My hope is that it’ll provide a more immersive reading experience.

This post is an example, as is my article about chasing the Northern Lights. There’s also a browser test gallery of the new presentation style.

The rest of this piece is a brief overview of how I implemented the feature in Jekyll, the tool I use to generate this site.