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RSS 1.0 / RDF for Thistle

development 1 min read

Tonight I wrote an RSS 1.0 type-file for Thistle; you can 
<a href="">download it here</a>. 
It includes support for the same <code>excerpts</code> parameter as the RSS 2.0 type included with Thistle, so 
your feeds can contain either excerpts or full posts.
It will work fine with the current version of Thistle (0.2/0.3), and when the next version is released 
it will automatically gain new features (including contextual titles and the RSS 1.0 <code>&lt;items&gt;...&lt;/items&gt;</code> 

You can see an example of the full functionality by looking at my Thistle category's 
<a href=";type=rss1&amp;excerpts=1">RSS 1.0 (excerpts) feed</a>, 
and you can validate your feeds at the <a href="">W3C RDF Validation Service</a>.