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Sponsor: Backbeam

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My sincere thanks to Backbeam for sponsoring my writing this week. Backbeam lets you focus on building your apps, without worrying about the associated services and server infrastructure. It offers cloud storage, push notifications, authentication, REST services, and plenty more.

Mobile apps are becoming more complicated to build every day. New devices offer new frameworks and technologies; users demand new functionalities. Meanwhile, the development cycle does not seem to get any easier. Implementing new functionality requires many steps: change the database schema, write a migration code, change backend logic, update the web service, deploy in development, and finally, deploy in production. Only in that moment can you start developing the actual feature you wanted to implement in your mobile app.

What if you could do everything on the fly without writing a single line of code, modifying a single configuration file, or restarting any service? If only there was a service that allowed you to focus on the actual features rather than waste time on that old-fashioned development cycle…

There is! provides you with a complete platform for building mobile apps with many services implemented out of the box: push notifications, user authentication, email delivery, separated development, and production environments. Unlike other similar services, Backbeam provides you with a complete database featuring advanced functionalities such as complex queries (joins!), full text, rich data types, geo-queries, and a full featured control panel where you can browse the dataset in a user-friendly way.

Additionally, Backbeam is the best service for building real-time applications. It provides you with a real-time API with which you can implement instant messaging and collaborative editing or simply refresh data so that your users are always up to date and properly informed, increasing their engagement.

Backbeam also features strong support for web development with a full-featured web framework (URL routing, server-side code, and templates). This makes Backbeam the most complete platform for building mobile and web apps.

Check out Backbeam, and start making mobile apps better and faster.

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