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Sponsor: MoneyWell

1 min read

My sincere thanks to MoneyWell for sponsoring my writing this week. I’m a MoneyWell user myself, and I have first hand experience of the amount of love that’s gone into this suite of apps.

MoneyWell is a full-featured personal finance app that gives you access to direct connect banking and the best proactive budgeting system available.

MoneyWell works equally great on your Mac or iPad and both versions sync with each other and MoneyWell Express on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Managing finances isn’t something most of us look forward to, but if you can do it while relaxing on the couch or outside on your patio with a tasty beverage in your hand, wouldn’t that make it better? Having MoneyWell on your iPad gives you the freedom to do just that.

Touch your transactions. Review your account activity from anywhere you can take your iPad. Capture new transactions with just a few taps. Download bank account details with a single touch and quickly find what you’re looking for with a swipe of your finger.

You don’t have to choose between bank downloads and sharing your financial information between devices. With MoneyWell’s Secure Sync, your finances appear on all your copies of MoneyWell no matter where you entered it. Reconcile your account on your Mac and both your iPad and iPhone sync and show your updated balances.

You and your spouse can even share a synced document to stay up to date and on budget. No more late nights tracking down that missing transaction or trying to figure out who spent what because it all happens in real time with MoneyWell.

MoneyWell is free to try and available on our website and the App Store.

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