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Sponsor: Updatey

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My sincere thanks to Updatey for sponsoring my writing this week.

There are tons of project management apps out there. Aside from finding one that works well for you, the challenge is to also get everyone else on your team using the same platform.


Updatey is a new project management system that’s designed to not only handle your projects, but handle them in a simple, elegant, effective (and beautiful!) way. At the same time, Updatey is easy enough to use and nice enough to look at that you’ll feel confident inviting your investors, clients, or whoever else you want to the project and know that they’d be able (and want to!) use it to get up to date quickly and efficiently. Updatey even has different views to cater to how different people like to manage tasks.

Updatey takes the complicated and ugly process of managing a project and makes it look like something you’d keep wanting to use. Be sure to try it out - there’s a free 30-day trial.

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