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music & personal 1 min read

Lauren and I have been together for 4 months today. We went out for dinner earlier to celebrate, before returning to the lab as usual. We also celebrated Valentine’s Day last Monday, of course, with a quiet evening in, and Lauren cooked a rather magnificent dinner for the occasion.

The past month has been the best of the 4 for me, without question. We both feel that we have something extremely solid and with a lot of potential, and I think we’ve both also found new things that we love about each other. We both understand each other’s needs and wants a lot more, and I’ve never felt more certain that this relationship is right for me (and that’s saying a lot). I hope she feels the same way. I think she does.

I know that we’ve both grown a lot in the past 2 months, and that we’ve both realised how well we work together, and how that can continue as long as we want it to. I’m looking forward to our next 4 months together, and I love her very much.

I just wanted to post to note that I’m really happy in my personal life right now and that I feel that things have really fallen into place for me with this girl. Being so sure about that side of my life also makes it easier for me to devote time to my other responsibilities and interests, and as such I’ve rekindled my enthusiasm for Cocoa development, writing songs, really listening to music, and other things which have been absent to a greater or lesser degree for a little while. I think that’s all good.

Well, apologies as usual to those who don’t come here to read this sort of thing; back to normal service once more. Assuming that the relationship survives the arrival of my new PowerBook, you can maybe expect another such post in about a month’s time.