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110 shines...

gaming 1 min read

Hardly played Mario at all today; just for the last hour or so. I got two more shines - the two where Yoshi is required! The first one I did was Ricco Harbour 8, so I’ve now done all the episodic shines in the entire game. I then did the shipwreck-island shine in the bay around Delfino Plaza (so I’ve now obtained all shines from Delfino Plaza and the airstrip) - and I did both of these shines first time (particularly impressive for the shipwreck-island one). I also beat Bowser again earlier today.

Now there are only 10 to get, and all are red coin challenge versions of the secrets in the 7 main stages: 2 from Bianco Hills, 1 from Ricco Harbour, 1 from Gelato Beach, 2 from Pinna Park, 2 from Sirena Beach, 1 from Noki Bay and 1 from Pianta Village. Then I just beat Bowser yet again, see the full end sequence, and then relax. :)