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2 years ago today, I started this blog at (with a rubbish post). Since then, I’ve graduated from university, developed an unhealthy interest in Animal Crossing, and moved to Scotland’s lesser city. Irate Scotsman has been defunct for some time now (I still have the site archived here though), and my posting has slowed down a fair bit recently.

I’m still with Lauren, still a Cocoa developer at heart, and still a Mac OS X user. I’ve started writing again, I’ve started watching Lois and Clark again (Lauren’s fault), and after something of a hiatus I’ve once again started listening to Thin Lizzy and Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler stuff incessantly. Life is generally good, though the future is a bit more uncertain for me at the moment than during the rest of the past year, in career terms at least.

As for all my friends, I’ve kept reasonably in touch. The inimitable Neil is here in Edinburgh, as will Spoonie soon be. Derek has completed his Masters year here and is soon to go down to Cambridge for a year as a research assistant. Big Chris is at the tail end of his Masters year and remains for the moment in leafy and thoroughly dangerous Dumfries. Gary has been known to be schooled at Mario Kart on the DS, and to have lost much hair as a result. Strowes just moved into a new flat in Glasgow, Stevie is in the US at the moment, and Iain is still battling with CMSes at Clayton Graham. Stevo is at Amazon with Lauren, and missed the summer picnic on Saturday, where we rolled a haggis, tossed cabers, flung wellies and took part in a tug of war (alas with no Unnamed Amazon Trademarked Hockey-Like Game activities this time). Eve may well now be classified as a Non-Smoker, and remains at DCS working on her Ph.D.

All in all, life continues apace, and I’m pretty happy all things considered. I’m doing some freelance work from home here in Leith, and taking some time to consider my options going forward. With university now utterly out of my life and Lauren’s, a part of me fears that existence will become mundane and boring from here on in; the long, slow slide downwards into middle age. But surely not. I remain, after all, Matt Gemmell.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s after 10 am, and thus time to check in on Aceville over a coffee. Keep it increasingly sheercore with each passing week; I sincerely try to.