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3 days to go...

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…until Mario Sunshine. Just been reading the latest issue of NGC; has more of those recycled Zelda screenshots. For the first time, I’m having mixed feelings about a Zelda game - I’m just not convinced that I like the cel-shaded look. I’ll still buy it, of course (it’s a Zelda game, for god’s sakes!), but I’m nowhere near as excited about this one as I was about Ocarina of Time.

Ah, Ocarina of Time. I hadn’t actually bought the N64 when it first came out; had just been busy with work for a long time; and then, one Saturday afternoon, I just decided to buy one. I went down to the local Argos and bought an N64 with Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Can you imagine that? Getting both those games on the same day! Incredible. Now it’s just 3 days until the next big Mario game is in my hands. I’ll be picking up my copy at about 9am on Friday 4th October in the branch of Game on the second floor of the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow’s city centre. If you’re around there at that time, see if you can see me, and say hi. You can see my pic at the top of this page. God I can’t wait!

Anyway, must calm down, or I’ll never be able to wait until Friday without going insane. Fiona finds it all quite funny. ;)