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404 Penguins Not Found

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I couldn’t think of a sensible title, so I decided to use one which refers to a couple of conversations Derek and I had over the course of the past two years.

This post is just a quick roundup of what’s been happening in my life lately, so here goes. First up, we had the Graduation Ball, which went excellently. Here’s a pic of Lauren and me all dressed up.

After that, we took a brief trip down to Dumfries for Lauren’s sister Lisa’s 18th birthday party (happy birthday once again, Lis - I bought her a copy of the Sultans of Swing compilation album, natch), at which I met the most irritating, socially inept, and mentally unhinged person I’ve ever encountered in that fair town (his name rhymed with Snickers, incidentally). Three days after returning to Glasgow, we were off to Ibiza for a week in the sun. Here are a few pics:

Next up, I must of course mention the quite, quite legendary Neil Inglis, as usual. Today it’s his birthday (he’s 22), so everyone wish Neil a happy birthday. Crazy mad props and all the very best. Ageing couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.

On the work front, Lauren and I both started work yesterday, at IBM in Greenock and here in the Computing Science department respectively. We’re both working for the next 12 weeks. I’m being supervised remotely for the moment, taking the occasional phonecall from Philly-G all the way from the south of France. Legend.

That’ll just about do for now. Anyone who’s been wanting to catch me online can now do so pretty much any weekday, from around 9 am through to 5 pm BST. I’ll always be on MSN (mulderuk at hotmail), and sometimes also on AIM (madmcprogrammer). Hope to catch up with some folk over the next few weeks, and indeed to blog a hell of a lot more often.

Until next time, keep it always Sheercore.