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75 shines

gaming 1 min read

I now have no less than 75 shines!

My black controller is getting quite beaten-up, from all the batterings off the wall I’ve given it. I feel terrible about it, mostly because it annoys Fiona how angry I get when I’m playing videogames and having trouble with some task or other. This time, it was the sixth story in Pianta Village; the one where you need to cool off the big chain-chomp and drag it into the hot pool.

I’ve been playing a lot of the secret shines’ levels, not really focusing on getting the needed first seven shines in all seven stages, in order to reach Corona Mountain. However, I’ve now got only 10 stories to finish before Corona Mountain will be opened up: stories 4-7 of Noki Bay, and stories 2-7 of Serena Beach. I’ve been dreading story 2 of Serena Beach a bit, since it involves making Pink Boos into platforms to leap up 2 levels in the hotel foyer area, then going straight into a secret. Sure to be a real bastard of a stage, but once done it’ll let me explore the interior of the hotel properly, which will be just brilliant. :)

God, what a fabulous game. If I’m like this now, how the hell will I survive through Zelda? ;)