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So Bulldog finally got around to activating our broadband today, and fair play: the delay wasn’t actually their fault. BT had put us down for a number change for some unfathomable reason, hence our line being disconnected for a week, hence not having broadband either. But it’s all sorted now, and both our machines (Lauren’s PC, and my PowerBook) are connected wirelessly via my AirPort base station.

We’re currently syncing at about 4.7Meg, but we’ll see what we can do to up that. Even just 4-5Meg is plenty for us at the mo. And it’s costing us nothing for the next month, then £17.50/month for the following 5 months. No download/usage caps, and the contract is one month at a time.

Backlist of downloads, prepare to be significantly shortened. Sheercore.