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A foolish consistency

interface 1 min read

I’ve been talking lately about UI consistency, and it occurred to me today that I’ve recently between torn between two different, mutually-exclusive types of such consistency. When creating iCal Birthday Shifter, I wanted it to be as consistent as possible with iCal’s own UI. So, I went ahead and used the coloured checkboxes (TIFFs), but since Shifter only lets you choose a single calendar to add birthdays to (sensibly), I used the checkbox images as… radio buttons. Tut tut!


So, Shifter looks like it’s part of iCal, but it doesn’t follow the age-old UI guidelines about how checkboxes should behave. The question is, what should I do about it? I can’t imagine that people would want to add duplicate birthdays to multiple calendars in iCal, so making the checkbox graphics actually behave as checkboxes is out of the question. So, do I remove them entirely, or not? I know I should probably get rid of them. Thoughts appreciated.