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A Good Day

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'Twas a tale of food, a red bra and the Soul Edge.
Fiona went into the city centre this morning on the train to get some threads for 
a cross-stitch project she's working on. Since I'd been up until the early hours, 
I stayed behind and slept in.

I was wakened by her return, and as she often does when she goes shopping alone, 
she had bought me a gift. The fact that it was in a Forbidden Planet bag was a 
seriously good sign, and as usual she'd managed to get something incredibly appropriate 
to my assorted current obsessions: <a href="">she got me Nightmare</a>!


She'd also done a little bit of clothes shopping, and in keeping with tradition she 
<a href="">modelled her purchases</a> 
for me (pic posted with her permission, I might add).

As you might imagine, this led to us <a href="">having some fun</a>. 
Then, when I got out of the shower, I found a ham/tomato/mushroom omelette waiting for me with a cup of coffee! To top it all off, we're going 
out for dinner in a couple of hours.

So far, this has definitely been <strong>A Good Day</strong>. Do I have the best girlfriend/fianc&eacute;e in the world? I believe I do.