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A small suggestion

university 1 min read

At the university (on the intranet, so no link unfortunately) there's an electronic suggestion box where 
students can submit comments and suggestions regarding the various Honours Computing Science courses. One 
such course which we're taking this year is Interactive Systems 3, presented by the brilliant and utterly 
irreplaceable <a href="">Chris "Does that make sense to people?" Johnson</a>.
Chris' lectures tend to take the form of him telling us lots of little anecdotes and joking around, leaving you 
feeling a great deal of affection for him at the time, then not so much at exam time. It's also always fun 
to spot the out of date screenshots and statistics which crop up regularly in the lecture slides.


In any case, for Chris' services rendered to Computing Science students, I submitted the following suggestion this afternoon:
Big up some mad props to ma boy CJ for keepin' it gangster.
The course head (<a href="">Karen Renaud</a>) vets the suggestions each day before they appear 
in the system, so I'm just desperately hoping that it will indeed appear. Big up!


<strong>Update:</strong> It was indeed approved. Level 3 students can now vote for or against the suggestion to big up some mad props to Chris.