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A tale of souls and stitches

personal 1 min read

Well, I got Soul Calibur II for the Gamecube today. Brilliant stuff, once you disable 
the heinous US English voices in favour of the bearable Japanese ones. Probably more 
about SCII at a later time.

I also had some minor surgery, to remove a mole on my side, via elliptical incision. It's being sent away for 
biopsy, to check for signs of cancer. Doctor is quite confident that they won't find 
any, though I'm still obviously scaring myself about it. The fear of hideous death is 
put somewhat to the back of my mind by the amazing <em>pain</em> of the wound right now. 

Was fine for the first few hours, but once the local anaesthetic wore off, it started 
hurting like a crazed bastard. So I'm sitting here, exquisitely awake whilst Fiona sleeps, 
unable to play SCII for fear of waking her (and also because it's hard to enjoy anything 
when you're in constant pain), with my side hurting so bloody much that I've wondered if it 
isn't fucking <em>stigmata</em>. And, of course, they didn't give me any pain meds. 
I'm limping about like a wounded penguin, and I'm completely and utterly wallowing in self-pity!

That said, it's amazing what you can tolerate when you don't have the choice. I swear I'm getting to 
a zen state here, floating above the ever-present pain in my left side. It's no less sore, but after 
a while it gets to feeling somehow less <em>attached</em>. Or maybe I'm just tired and punchy.