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An action-thriller novel — book 2 in the KESTREL series.

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Some information about this blog itself, for those who are interested. 
(You can also read about 
<a href="">the guy who runs this blog</a>.)
The blog is run by <a href="">Thistle</a>, 
an extensively improved and extended version of Robert Daeley's
<a href="">PHPosxom</a>
(pronounced "possum"), which itself is a PHP port of Rael Dornfest's
<a href="">Blosxom</a>
("blossom") CGI. Thistle was created by me, 
<a href="">Matt Gemmell</a>.

In addition to the core Thistle functionality, this blog has:
The blog is edited, updated and maintained using a variety of tools, all on
<a href="">Mac OS X</a>:
This blog's CSS was based on a design by Jonathan Corum at <a href=""></a>.

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