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My name is Matt Gemmell1, and I’m a writer. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my wife Lauren and our labradoodle, Whisky. You can find out about my books here.

You can contact me, if you like:

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Besides my books, I’ve published a large number of articles about technology.

I’ve written for (and been featured in) many magazines, newspapers and other periodicals, including The Guardian, Macworld, MacUser, The Loop Magazine, Offscreen, and more. I wrote a monthly column for every issue of Tap! magazine (December 2010 - July 2013). I’ve been interviewed, featured and quoted in various periodicals and news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, BBC News, The Guardian, The Register, .net Magazine, and others.

I’ve written over half a million words on this site since September 2002. You can view a list of my own favourite articles. You can also see what I’m working on right now, and a list of the tools I’m using.

My writing is supported by readers like you.


I used to be a software engineer and usability consultant. My past clients include Apple and other Fortune 100 companies, as well as smaller businesses and independent developers.

I’m passionate about intuitive design, multi-touch interfaces, human-focused software, and accessibility. If you are too, you might enjoy this list of my favourite books on those topics.

I’ve released a large amount of iOS and Mac source code, which has been used in hundreds (if not thousands) of apps on iOS and OS X.

I also released a few apps of my own: Favorites for iPhone (speed-dial with style), Shady for Mac (dim your screen to soothe tired eyes), and Sticky Notifications for Mac (quick and easy on-screen reminders via Notification Center or Growl).

Note that all of my apps and source code should be considered unmaintained and unsupported as of 2015.

I’ve spoken at technical and design conferences worldwide, on a variety of topics including user experience, accessibility, custom UI design and implementation, and more.

About this site

I’ve published 175 articles on this site, beginning in January 2009. The newest is “Weekly Short Story: Ornaments”, from November 22nd, 2021. A complete archive is available.

I’ve written 248,088 words in total.

The site’s design is a custom one, created by me. A style sample is available. Comments are switched off. Here’s my privacy policy.

You can subscribe to this site via RSS, if you like, or alternatively you can get articles as a weekly newsletter.

All of the content on this site is made available at no charge, for the benefit of the community. Please don’t reproduce the content of any article without asking first.

If you feel you’ve gained something from my writing, source code or otherwise, perhaps you’ll consider either surprising me with a small gift from my Amazon UK Wishlist, or even supporting my writing.

I’m pleased to be a member of The Read & Trust Network.

  1. My last name is pronounced “Geh-mul”, with a hard G like “golf”, not like “gemstone”. Emphasis is on the first syllable.