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general & tech 1 min read

This has been a week of buying new stuff, which is of course always great.

A quick list of my recent purchases lies below.

  • 2 packs of rechargeable batteries for my new PowerShot A620 (4 x 2300mAh AAs and 4 x 2500mAh AAs).
  • Battery charger for AA/AAA Ni-MH batteries.
  • LowePro D-Res 8 bag for the PowerShot.
  • New mobile phone (free upgrade), specifically the Sony Ericsson K750i.
  • USB2 pendrive and 4-format memory card reader; it may look like a disco spaceship, but it reads both SD cards (for my PowerShot and Axim x51v), and Sony Memory Sticks (for the K750i).
  • 2 really great leather jackets. Seriously, they're goddamn ace.

I know what I’d like my next purchase to be, but I think I’ll hold off a couple of years. Or perhaps forever, if Lauren has anything to do with it.