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Again on my own

music 1 min read

I heard a great version of Here I Go Again by Whitesnake today (cheers to Lauren for that, after whom the version is hereby named the Lauren version), and I’m wondering which album I can find it on. I’m not hugely familiar with their other stuff, but I’d like to be, and I’d certainly like to pick up whatever CD this version of the song is on. Of course, I can’t post the MP3 here for you, since that’s against the law. If I were to decide to post such a thing though, it’d be an MP3 file, and it’d have a filename consisting of the song’s name (Here I Go Again) converted to all lowercase, with underscores instead of spaces, and it’d probably be in a directory called something like music.

If anyone somehow knows the version I’m talking about, and further knows what album it’s from, post a comment and let me know.

Update: Seemingly it’s from Monsters of Rock ( link); the sound clip is definitely of the version in question. You can also get it via Had I ever posted an MP3, it would have been removed now.