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Lauren and I went to see Alfie the other night, and at several points during the film I thought I’d have to pick up the soundtrack. I did so, and I can highly recommend it.

The soundtrack CD consists mostly of a series of original songs written for the movie in a collaboration between Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame) and Mick Jagger, typically with Stewart on guitar and Jagger on vocals. The general feel is soft, bittersweet acoustic ballads with a slightly bluesy aspect, carried by Jagger’s surprisingly versatile and superbly apt voice. The soundtrack perfectly invokes memories of the movie, and can readily be left to play through repeatedly as the perfect easy soundtrack to a quiet evening.

Many of the songs come across as if they were written by the title character, which fits perfectly with the narrative aspect of the film, and the majority are more than worthy of independent release (both versions of Blind Leading the Blind and also both versions of Old Habits Die Hard being particularly excellent, and Let’s Make It Up easily being single material).

Even if you’ve not seen the movie and have no intention of doing so, don’t pass up the opportunity to hear this collection of unassuming but expertly crafted ballads about the discovery of what’s truly important in life. I continue to be impressed by Jagger’s work outwith the Stones, and this album deserves to win him a new audience.