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Alpha male

university 1 min read

Neil and I were talking about our respective Apple hardware, and the impending arrival of my new PowerBook, and naturally the conversation quickly degenerated into a game of one-upmanship.

Before long, I think Neil realised he couldn’t possibly win, and conceded in a rather tragic-sounding way.

Matt: dude
Matt: I'll have a much, much, MUCH nicer powerbook than you.
Matt: and an iSight
Matt: I shall be the supreme Mac OS X-based ruler of our corner of the lab.
Matt: You'll all bow before my majesty.
Neil: and you have a girlfriend.

Lauren was actually reading the chat over my shoulder at the time, and needless to say she found that last comment damn funny.

Ladies, if any of you are on the lookout for a rough-bearded Computing Scientist from Milngavie with a penchant for locating all the primary schools in each new town he visits, feel free to get in touch with our very own Neil “Pringlis” Inglis (seen there with a rather bemused Colleen) via the comments system below. And as if any additional enticement were necessary, here’s another extract:

Neil: I would quite like to create a Bed class with silk sheet properties and such
Neil: perhaps a wet patch boolean.
Neil: I should really keep my mouth shut sometimes
Matt: this is why you don't have a girlfriend right now
Neil: largely, yes.
Neil: I'm content knowing that I'm hugely attractive and they all really want me.