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Announcing SS_PrefsController

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I've got some new Cocoa source for you today, folks: announcing SS_PrefsController!
This class (and its associated protocol) makes it absurdly easy to implement multiple-paned 
Preferences windows in your applications, with views dynamically loaded from one or more external bundles. Once 
you've set up the bundles for your preference panes (easy in itself), it's basically just two lines 
of code to implement a full-featured Preferences window like those in iChat, Mail, Safari 
and many other applications. Here's a sample pic of the kind of Preferences window I mean:
The class takes care of everything to do with managing the window, loading the bundles and views, 
creating and populating the toolbar at the top, and plenty more. Take a look at the 
<a href="" target="_top">class documentation online</a>, or just 
<a href="" target="_top">download the whole package</a> (142k .tar.gz). 
Includes the class source files, full source of a demo application and two example preference-pane bundles, demo executables ready to run, 
full documentation and some tips to get you started.

Released under the <a href="" target="_top">CC Attribution License</a>; 
details included in the download. Enjoy!