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Another Birthday

general & personal 2 min read

Well, tomorrow it’s my birthday again (June 5th) and at 9:22 pm or so I’ll be 28 years old. I actually feel much more positive about this birthday than most previous ones, no doubt because a lot of Good Things have happened to me in the past year (which seems to have lasted longer than any other year of my life, but in a good way).

2006-2007 was the year that, amongst other things, I got engaged and also went indie, both surely excellent life-enhancing decisions. This year also marks the first time I’ve had a night out in celebration of my age being incremented (no kidding). We were out in Edinburgh on Saturday night with Sheels, Soph, Kim, Lou and Harriet, and we had dinner, had plenty drinks, played pool and went dancing. It was a good night; thanks for coming along, folks. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also note that I got an awesome Lego giant robot out of the deal too; he’s been named J.E.F.F., but so far I’ve not decided what the acronym expands to. Answers on a postcard, etc.

I’ve been lucky enough to get my presents from Lauren a bit early this year, and they included the new watch I wanted, and also a selection of shirts which (compared to the shirts I usually buy) were frighteningly expensive. I was wearing one of them on Saturday night.

Going back to the topic of my engagment for a moment, I also got my man-gagement ring (coincidentally also on Saturday). It’s a Ti/Pt band which you can see here, and it’s rather awesome. I now look like I’m married… and it’s not a bad feeling, to be honest. Rounding out the New Stuff, I decided to pick up a Gameboy Micro (silver) before new ones disappear from the world, and it’s a sweet little machine. Here’s a pic of it on my desk. If you’re thinking of getting a cheap Gameboy Advance for some on-the-go gaming with a huge and cheap back-catalogue of games, a Micro wouldn’t be a bad choice. Very small and light, and it has the all-important blue lights.

On a less jolly note for a moment, I just wanted to mention that my grandfather (on my father’s side), William, passed away in April. I’ve waited to mention it until I could balance that news with more upbeat topics, but I wanted to mark it here nonetheless. He had a long life and he leaves behind several more generations of Gemmells who will always fondly remember him. Whilst we were in the car going between the funeral service and the crematorium, my dad told me a story about how my grandfather had been responsible for picking football teams during the time he was a driver in WWII. He’d caused some controversy by picking two German POWs, but had been unrepentant, insisting he just wanted the best players. The team won the tournament, and he was rewarded with use of a jeep for the weekend - which he returned an entire week later after going on a bender, and was suitably punished for the unscheduled extended absense.

My grandmother on my mother’s side is currently in hospital, and we’ve been travelling to visit her. She fell and broke her shoulder a few weeks back but she’s also suffering from fluid in her lungs and, just very recently, periods of confusion and memory lapses. We’re still waiting to see whether the meds will help with her breathing and to see what will happen. I’ll post more about that as we know more.

Back to brighter things. I’ll hopefully be arranging a Glasgow drinking session / birthday celebration, so the usual suspects should keep an eye on their inboxes and/or phones. Probably a through-the-day thing, but we’ll see what happens. I’d close with another promise to blog more often, but that’s probably counterproductive.

Keep it sheercore. God knows I am, with 28 years experience under my belt and just getting better with age.