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AntiSpam article coming soon

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BloggerOffJust a note that I have a big anti-spam article in the works, with plenty of practical advice on dealing with the problem of junk email. Coming soon.

On a lighter note, we’re finished with our assembly assignment. We drove in this afternoon and submitted our final reports, then came back to relax for a while (well, we actually went straight back out and drove to Airdrie, to get Ben’s tablets from the vet, but we relaxed after that). Traffic was a nightmare; Friday is always busier. The M8 crawled in places even going into Glasgow at about 2:30pm. Amazingly, though, I found a parking space right outside Lilybank Gardens (the Computer Science department of the university), which was a nice change.

My site was down for a couple of hours this evening; very disturbing. The entire domain was gone, including our mail, webmail, www and administration servers. Our host is, by the way. This is the second time we’ve had an outage since I signed up with them last October or so. I’ll keep everyone posted about any further problems.

Anyway, we had some dinner watched an episode of Star Trek TNG (“Suddenly Human”, the one with a human boy being found in a ship full of injured Tellarians, and turning out to be Admiral Rosa’s grandson, long thought to be dead). Then we came through here to mess around on the computers. I’m just about to do some work on BloggerOff (not icon work; I’m waiting for inspiration!), then maybe watch Fortress at 12:15am or whenever it’s on. It feels later than it is, but I don’t feel like sleeping yet. Talking of sleep, we had an excellent sleep last night in our new double bed; very comfortable. By morning, Fiona had managed to move over to my side, of course.

Back to programming now.