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Anyone handy with Japanese?

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I’m trying to write “Irate Scotsman” in Japanese. I have what I think is a reasonable attempt at it here already, but I’d like someone more knowledgeable and experienced to check it for me.

First off, here’s my current version:


My understanding is that the compound kanji at the top is “furious” (a reasonable approximation for “irate”), composed of “suddenly” and “angry”. The other characters below are katakana to spell out “scotsman” phonetically, in the form: su-ko-tsu-shi-ma-(h)n.

I’m unsure as to whether the -shi- is really necessary, since -tsu- provides the “ts” sound of “scotsman” in English, but a friend of a friend (who’s more knowledgeable than I) said it’s indeed needed, and I’d go with her opinion over mine.

Can anyone who knows of such things spot any major problems with this representation? If you need to specify characters, then Unicode numbers, radical numbers, shift-JIS encodings or such would all be more helpful than, say, mouse-drawings. ;)

Apologies to those who are fluent in Japanese for any cringeworthy mistakes; I have only been doing this since today. I couldn’t have told you what kanji even were just this morning. Ah well. Thanks for any authoritative feedback anyone can give. Oh, and OS X’s Japanese support seems to be rather ace (speaking purely as an amateur, of course).