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Anyone selling an iPod?

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Here's your chance to help out your friendly neighbourhood Irate Scotsman 
(and indeed his fiancée). We're looking for an iPod or two, so read 
on if you have an old one you want to get rid of.
At the minimum, we're looking for one iPod, ideally 15Gb or more (but that's 
not a constraint; Fiona isn't too bothered about the capacity). It should 
be in good condition, obviously, and should include the Firewire cable and 
earphones. We don't care about software CDs or even really about the power 
cable (we can just charge it via Firewire, right?). We similarly don't care 
much about boxes or manuals, though of course more is better.

If you have an old iPod you'd like to get rid of, please either post a comment 
here (remember to include your email address, which is never made available on 
the web anyway), or you can contact me privately via 
<a href="">the contact form</a>. Let me know 
the capacity, condition, what's included, and the price you're selling it for.

The delivery address would be in central Scotland (UK), and we'd of course pay 
all shipping too. Here's hoping, and thanks in advance!