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Apple is listening

development & tech 1 min read

Just a small positive note amongst the gloom of NDAs, app rejections and approval delays: Apple have today changed how the customer reviews system works for App Store applications: you now must have downloaded or purchased the app before you’re allowed to post a review on it. Here’s what it looks like if you try to review an app you’ve not actually used.

Since the App Store is the only way to get the apps in the first place, I think this is a strong positive step, and should help make the app reviews much more useful and representative to customers (and less depressing/frustrating for developers).

The wheels may be turning slowly, but they are turning - and I do believe that Apple is listening to our complaints.

(Thanks to my friend Neil for noticing the change this morning. His own app, Escape Pod, has received some frivolous reviews on the US store.)