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Appreciating nature

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Jamie <a href="">posts</a> about a walk 
in the rain where she enjoyed what she calls a "sense of organic beauty". Erik posted on a 
<a href="">similar topic</a> a while ago.

Walks in the rain (gentle rain, anyway - Scotland serves up plenty of less pleasant weather) 
have always been something I've enjoyed immensely. I actively try to awaken myself to such 'organic beauty' whenever 
I'm out and about. One of the things I particularly enjoy is looking at leaves on bushes and trees; just 
marvelling at how each one is unique, and possessed of a marvelously elegant symmetry and architecture.

Evening sunlight filtering through treetops, autumn's colours, water rippling in the breeze, the old comfort of 
a tree-bark... there's so much incredible beauty in this world, all around us and just waiting to be really seen 
and appreciated. Sadly, the pressures (as such) of our everyday lives veil our vision, and relegate these wonders 
to the mundane. It's a crime, really; a crime against art and beauty and emotion.

There are few negative states of mind which a proper, eyes-really-open walk can't cure, I find. I resolve to 
spend more time appreciating the small miracles of nature, which we all too often take for granted.