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No More Frisbee

tech 4 min read

On frisbees and coffee makers, and companies choosing their desired customers. Subscription software versus license ownership.


tech 3 min read

Apple's destruction of the value of software, and the sustainability of indie developer businesses.


politics 10 min read

The current state of privacy from state surveillance in the West, and what's reasonable for citizens to expect.

SEO for Non-dicks

tech 3 min read

Why dishonest Search Engine Optimization tactics are self-defeating. Instead, focus on creating trustworthy, genuine, relevant content repeatedly.

Public Speaking

speaking 5 min read

Tips on public speaking: how to rehearse, deal with nervousness, avoid demos, and deliver effective presentations that entertain the audience.

Courtesy Suicide

writing 2 min read

How to ask questions properly via email, and avoid excessive courtesy or superfluous words that make your message difficult to understand.