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Back to the Fourth Year

university 1 min read

Today we started our first term of 4th year, with a distinct and slightly unsettling air of repetition. Aside from the labyrinthine module choices, intimidatingly extensive set of offered projects, and some surreal elements to several introductory lectures, it was back to business as usual depressingly quickly. I really need a holiday, and I’m not going to get one any time soon.

I’d previously suspected that this had been very much the summer of break-ups, and my belief was only reinforced today, as I learned that several more amongst our year-group had also split from their partners over the holiday period. Clearly, Comp Sci has a negative effect on relationships, with ultimately the only remaining option being to pair off within the department. Given the shortage of girls, however, and the fact that most of them are already involved with someone (and indeed that all of them by now know of both my reputation and my vast age), the chances of that seem increasingly remote.

In any case, after a generally uneventful day, a few of us went to Jim’s for drinks and then Curler’s for some dinner, to start the year off as we mean to go on. A quiet but very pleasant evening of conversation and banter was had, of which I’ll mention but three things:

  • Cutlery was stolen from both the QM and Curler's.
  • Nintendo John and Chris offered to kill a guy for me.
  • Lynsey has great taste in music.

I’ll close with a chatlog quote from one of the guys, who requested the pseudonym of Theodore for the occasion:

If I had a girlfriend I'd have voice activated dialling for her under Wench. That's now my primary reason for getting a girlfriend.

Single life it is, then.