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university 1 min read

It's about half-post noon on Sunday, and I'm just back from Chris' flat, 
having of course had no sleep. Just some notes to myself before I lose 
consciousness for a few hours.
The evening's activities began at 8:30 pm when we went for a few drinks in Curlers 
and stayed until it closed just after midnight, 
accompanied by our visiting guest star <a href="">Derek</a>. 
We saw Dan Slotte and Nick briefly on Byres Road, then used our Lilybank keys and 
fobs to go into the department for a while, before walking up to the Woodlands Road. 
Then back to Chris' place for some snacks and playing a bit of Splinter Cell PT on 
the cube. Derek had to get his last bus at 3:20 am so we walked him over to Great 
Western Road.

Chris and I then returned to the flat, and instead of getting any sleep we 
decided to watch Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Scary Movie, League of 
Extraordinary Gentlemen and then some Red Dwarf episodes until just after 11am.

Stuff I need to remember later:
  • Sign-a-rama
  • Cutting up food with a sword, then a chainsaw
  • The guy elbow-dropping the girl
  • "The Insinuator"
Bed now.

<strong>Update:</strong> Awake again now (more or less) at 5:15 pm. Forgot to 
mention some greats news I heard from D last night: <a href="">Gary</a> 
is coming back for 4th year with us! Previously he'd arranged a year-long work 
placement, but now it's just going to be for the summer, and he's returning to 
Glasgow to complete his degree at the same time of the rest of us - goddamn ace! 
The planets are once again moving into alignment, in preparation for a new 
<em>golden age of coreness</em>. Be very afraid indeed.