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I remember reading a Dilbert cartoon where Dogbert was telling Dilbert that he would 
no longer try to reason with the idiots he encountered; instead, he would simply dismiss 
them by waving his paw and saying "Bah".

I don't have paws, but otherwise the idea is quite transferable. Accordingly, from now on, 
when I disagree with you, dislike you, wish to cause you physical pain, or just plain feel 
a bit grumpy, I am liable to dismiss you with a simple "Bah". (You can be sure I'm waving my 
other hand as I type it).
Where possible, I will also provide a link leading to this post on my blog (see below). I think we can all 
agree that this is an efficient and reasonable way for me to express my disagreement, disgruntledness, 
or disdain for your opinion, suggestion, comment or very existence on this planet.

Note that, in the case of your having contacted me by email or instant message, if I don't reply 
within 48 hours (email) or 4 hours (instant message), you can assume that you have been awarded a 
"bah", and sod off appropriately. This will be known as "auto-bah".

Any questions about this policy can be voiced as comments on this post, and may of course be prime 
candidates for a resounding "bah."


If you've arrived here by being given a link to this page, you now understand why: you have been awarded 
a much-coveted "Bah".

This certifies that whomever sent you the link to this page firmly believes you're wrong, irritating, 
idiotic and/or just plain painful to know.

In recognition of this fact, you may add one of the following medals of honour to your own web site, or 
you could <a href="">buy some "Bah" merchandise</a> 
(including T-Shirts, mugs, mousepads and that sort of thing).

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" title="Bah"><img src="" border="0" alt="Bah" align="middle"></a>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" title="Bah"><img src="/images/bah_small.gif" width="80" height="15" border="0" alt="Bah" align="middle"></a>

(Make sure the buttons link back to this page.)

Now kindly go away as quickly as possible.