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university 1 min read

Today was probably the premier day of banter so far this term. We had the infamous "jamjars" story 
for a start, and then an extended episode concerning chat-up lines. See, Mark is after one of our 
fellow students (whom we shall call "Carmen" for the sake of protecting the innocent), and frankly 
she seems quite interested, despite apparently having a bf already.
So anyway, we're sitting in our project groups in PSD3, and we're texting back and forth about possible 
chat-up lines to be written on a paper plane, which is the chosen delivery method for Mark's declaration 
of affection. Such classics as "Will you go to the disco with me?", and "You and me, babe - how about it?" 
were arrived at, but ultimate respec' must go to Neil for his tragically brilliant "Want to go halves on a bastard?" 
You badly need some help, mate.

Alas, when we showed the list to "Carmen" afterwards, she seemed to think that very few females would respond favourably. 
Back to the drawing board.


We also arrived at our final nicknames, as follows:
  • Matt: (Captain) Dad
  • Neil: Eltrain
  • Mark: Boy
  • Gary: Chad
  • Derek: Chuck
Some of these names have been contested, but they'll stick. Spoonie was also there in PSD3, so naturally we were pimpin' it 
up Unix-style, and keepin' it Brechin. We also managed to massage some Gantt charts (which were Ganttastic, incidentally) into 
Spar charts, showing a project running from 8 'til Late.

Will we ever do any work again? Tune in next time.