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BBEdit AppleScripts for obsessive coders

development 1 min read

I just cobbled-together two AppleScripts for BBEdit (or rather, two <em>more</em>, 
to go with the scores of scripts I've written previously), to do two things I need 
a lot whilst hacking on <a href="">Thistle</a>.
The links below are direct download links (scripts are in StuffIt archives, encoded as Binhex). 
These have been "tested" (i.e. run at least twice without encountering a kernel panic) on my 
PowerBook G4 running OS X 10.2. If they work for you, great. If not, try taking up yoga instead.
  • Search for selection
    As you may guess from the name, this script searches for the selected text. Never again need you launch Safari and type ""!
  • Open Recent Item...
    This retrieves pornography from obscure websites.

    Actually, it shows a list of recent files (the ones in the Open Recent submenu of the File menu, though only local files, sadly), and lets you open them. It even shows them in sensible Mac OS X path format, not that colon-delimited nastiness from days of old.
    Update: "blech" didn't understand what I meant about the path formats. I mean that it shows "/Library/WebServer/stuff.php" instead of "Macintosh HD:Library:WebServer:stuff.php".
    Another Update: Oops! Actually, he did understand - he just prefers the colon-delimited format. Fair enough. :)
To use these with BBEdit, put them in the Scripts folder within the BBEdit Support folder (which is beside BBEdit itself). 
You can even assign keyboard-shortcuts to them via the Scripts palette (Window > Palettes > Scripts).

And that's it. Hope someone finds these useful. Oh, and remember that I have 
<a href="">billions of other AppleScripts</a> you can download too.