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music & personal 2 min read

So my girlfriend and I went to see The Darkness on Friday, and it was damn ace. Stevo was there too with his sister, and we met up with them after Ash and then again at the end of the night.

Highlights of the evening included:

  • Justin being burned by the flamethrowers mounted on the front of the stage.
  • Justin riding a huge stuffed white tiger through the air on a crane rig whilst still playing his guitar.
  • The pyrotechnics at the front of the stage seeming to be shot repeatedly by Justin's guitar, as if it was a machine-gun.
  • The crowd going nuts for Friday Night, I Believe In A Thing Called Love, and Love On The Rocks With No Ice.
  • The guy in front of us, really getting into the music with some serious air-guitar.
  • Lauren and I buying matching Darkness tshirts and putting them on before going into the hall.
  • Me playing air-umbrella through Love Is Only A Feeling.
  • Justin telling us that whilst Nottingham has Sherwood Forest, we're better since we have deep-fried confectionery.
  • The performance of a rock version of English Country Garden as Scottish Country Garden (except the few times he forgot and sang "English" instead).
  • The entire crowd imitating Justin's falsetto whilst singing "f-f-f-f-fucker".
  • And no doubt more.

All in all, a seriously great night. See also Lauren’s post about the concert, and Stevo’s tribute.

It’s quite strange having actually been to the gig now, after having waited for it for so long. I booked the tickets way back in August (actually 3 months to the day before the show), and asked Lauren that same morning if she’d like to go. I wondered what the state of play between us would be when the night finally arrived, and for a while even wondered if she’d be coming along at all.

Three months passed, and we did indeed go to the gig together, in more ways than one. I previously said on my old blog:

Got tickets to see The Darkness at the SECC on Friday 26th Nov. Anyone else going that night? Let me know and we can maybe hook up for some madness. I originally got the tix with the intention of taking The Girl, and she already said she'd like to go, but that was before recent events. What do you do in such situations? Just assume she doesn't want to go anymore, I'm guessing? In any case, I'll certainly be there, and by that point I will hopefully Believe in a Thing Called Love.

Now that the night has come and gone, it seems things worked out in the best possible way. I do indeed Believe in a Thing Called Love, and Lauren does too. Damn ace.

So, I’ve had an amazing weekend, and things in general are going pretty much brilliantly (even if someone did recently get shot in the face).

Until next time, be excellent to each other.