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Feeling quite a bit better today; last night's constant pain has been reduced to intermittent jabs 
and a vague burning sensation. Much better.

It occurred to me that the discomfort clearly affected my mind when writing my previous post 
last night; obviously, a <em>much</em> better title would have been "Matt was seriously wounded, 
but the soul still burns". Arf.

Talking of souls and swords, I've been playing a bit more SCII today. Not a huge amount, but progress has been 
made. I've unlocked Yoshimitsu, Cervantes and Sophitia (yes!), along with various Museum sections 
and extra modes. I'm on Chapter 5 in Weapon Master, Silver Apprentice level, and I've obtained 
various weapons for several of the fighters (including the Cane of Byrna and the Megaton Hammer for 

Excellent game. Character models and arenas are a huge improvement over the original (inevitably). 
Intro sequence is pleasingly dramatic (though pre-rendered this time; no Intro Director feature). 
Voldo is still deeply unsettling. Rinkydink is becoming steadily more deadly in my capable hands. 


And the high point of the game? As with the original Soul Calibur, it is of course Sophitia's skirt. 

Ladies, you're officially encouraged to dress up as Sophitia and post pics of the result, like this girl did.