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Big Man shall triumph on Monday

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The Big Man, otherwise known as the god of all guitarists/songwriters Mark Knopfler, releases his new album “The Ragpicker’s Dream” on Monday. Can’t wait!

Fiona and I actually went in July to see him playing at Shepherd’s Bush in London. Excellent night. Knopfler, John Illsley and Guy “Gee” Fletcher from the ‘Straits, plenty of the STP guys, Jools Holland on keyboards and Jimmy Nail on backing vocals. You should have heard Jimmy Nail singing “Money for Nothing” - excellent! :)

There’s a limited edition version of the album which includes the live performances of “Quality Shoe” and “Why Aye Man” from that gig - try to get that version rather than the regular one.

It really was a great night. Wasn’t so good ‘sleeping’ on the floor of Stansted Airport afterwards since our flight back to Glasgow was at 6:40 the next morning, but what the hell. ;)

“The Ragpicker’s Dream” by Mark Knopfler - get it this Monday.