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Biker Bob

university 1 min read

I was talking to Bob once again, this time regarding possible 
activities for the final evening of term (this Friday).
Bob:mind you, i think having a bet is going too far
Matt:that sounds like you're going to now outline what you think would be going just far enough.
Bob:well, you know me
Bob:i draw the line at a courteous hat-tip
Matt:so true
Matt:you must become BAD
Matt:biker Bob!
Bob:heh heh heh
Bob:that's an image and a half, i grant you
Matt:it's classic,
Matt:the doors of Jim's get battered open
Matt:Bad to the Bone is on
Matt:you stride in, in your big goddamn boots with metal on the soles
Matt:black leather jacket, shades
Matt:which would be bloody disturbing, by the way
Matt:stride up to the table wendy is at,
Matt:take out a cigar, and strike a match on your bum-fluff chin-hair
Matt:then sit down on a chair the wrong way round, folding your arms across the top of the backrest bit and just looking at her from behind the lenses of your shades
Matt:man that's priceless
Bob:you know what it is?
Bob:it's prime bob-and-wendy, is that
Matt:you do have a point
Matt:no clues really implicit there though
Bob:apart from bum-fluff chin hair
Matt:that covers 80% of you lot
Bob:ah go to hell
Bob:i'm a motherfucking badass
Bob:ooh, i like this!