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Birthday approaching

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It's my birthday on Thursday (5th June), and for the first time in as many years as I can remember, 
I don't have anything else to do that day! I've always had exams or work or some other kind of 
commitment, but not this year. It's incredible. Shome mishtake, shurely?
Fiona and I both have exams on Monday and Tuesday (two each day), then we're off until the following 
Wednesday, when we have a further two (my last). Fiona has her last one the next day.

All birthday mindings greatly appreciated, be they e-cards, comments, 
<a href="">emails</a>, or even 
items from my recently-expanded 
<a href="">Wishlist</a>. 
Cube games (including used/pre-owned ones) will garner eternal blessings, but I realise I'm probably 
kidding myself on that score. ;)

Rest assured, I shall reserve at least one drink to dedicate to the readers of this blog. Now, back 
to <strike>gaming</strike> <strike>studying</strike> work.