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Blackpoleon Blackaparte

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Yes, we are Nintendo whores.

We were in town today doing some clothes shopping for Lauren’s graduation ceremony on Tuesday, and I jokingly suggested that Lauren should buy me a present of some kind. After a moment’s thought, she suggested that we trade in her Nintendo DS and thus get £40 off a new black DS Lite, which would then be mine. She would of course inherit my imported Crystal White DS Lite, and would only have to pay £60 for the privilege (so kind of like £30 each for her present and mine). Needless to say, I didn’t say no.

The manager of the branch of Game we visited (the Sauchiehall Street one) even let me buy the black DS Lite then bring the regular DS back later on with the receipt, and refunded the £40 back onto my card. Not bad service, especially given that by the time I’d gone to the flat, picked up the DS, and come back to the store, the black DS Lite was once again sold out.

To any American readers, I say: I have a black DS Lite. It may attract dust and fingerprints like there is literally no tomorrow except for gaming devices covered in dust and fingerprints, but… it’s black. Sleek, shiny black. Bwa-hahaha!

And I will also say this: there’s nothing quite like the smell of new strategy guides. Aaaaah.

Maybe expect some Flickr pics of the new machine soonish (along with pics from Lauren’s graduation ball, which we attended last Tuesday night). For now, back to the Flea Market in Aceville.

(Final note: yes, the title is a House reference. Greatest show ever? Very possibly.)