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Blog Tweaking

general 1 min read

As you can see, I’ve updated the appearance of my blog. I’ve also tweaked the code, to:

  • add a list of recent posts
  • make it render properly in Safari (fixed Fiona's blog too)
  • fix the calendar bug where the wrong month name would be shown
  • have dotted underlines for links (is that daft?)

I’ve also spent the last few hours programming in Ada; an assignment from university. The task was basically to read in a series of positive integers (terminated by zero), then sort them into ascending order. Big deal. The reading, writing and sorting had to be recursive, all types and functions/procedures related to the list had to have hidden implementations (i.e. in a package), the list had to be a singly-linked list, and the sorting algorithm had to be quicksort. There was a specified output format, and you had to obviously check for all the various cases (no input, bad input, etc). I’m sure there was another requirement, but it slips my mind. Anyway, it’s all done now.

Bed time for me; can barely keep my eyes open. Thank god tomorrow (today) is Friday.