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I think we can all agree that one of the problems with the internet is that there just aren’t enough blogs out there. Accordingly, I’ve created two more for the good of humanity. The first one (currently empty) is over at the Magic Aubergine site, and that’s where I’ll be posting status updates and such on my OS X software projects as appropriate. I’ll keep the more partisan stuff and any personal topics for here, as you’d expect, but I thought it was wise to go with the company-blog concept in order to separate myself from my business identity.

I also registered the domain about a year ago, and it was an anonymous (and rather whiny) blog for a while, which I only ever posted to twice. For some time now I’ve been wanting to have a dumping-ground for the occasional vignettes I write based on my more vivid dreams or tales I hear, so I’ve decided to repurpose the domain. This means you can all readily avoid those self-indulgent and often surreal posts without having to update your feeds. Or, if you’re interested in that sort of thing, you can read them if you wish.

By way of a brief update on what’s happening in my life: freelancing is great, and there seems to be plenty of work available. Apologies to the one or two people who are waiting for an email response; I’m working through a backlog at the moment. Cheers to Apple UK for being so proactive in helping out those of us getting into the freelance Cocoa dev/consulting scene; it’s very encouraging and much appreciated.

Games-wise, I’m currently mostly playing Animal Crossing (almost a year now), Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (utterly, utterly awesome - got an import US copy from eBay for less than the Amazon UK price will be when it’s released on March 30th), and occasionally hunting down more pieces of heart in Twilight Princess. Also played a bit of Homeworld 2 on the Mac, which is rather nifty.

Indie-wise, as some of you already know I have a (hopefully rather cool) Cocoa app in the works at the moment, and development is progressing rapidly (Thurs/Fri each week are my indie dev days). It’s still some way from alpha, but it’s taking shape. This is a tool for part of the software/web development process, and I’ll be talking about it more nearer the time on the Magic Aubergine blog.

That’ll do it for now; take it easy, folks.