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TOLL is available now!

An action-thriller novel — book 2 in the KESTREL series.

★★★★★ — Amazon

BlogThing update

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It’s coming along nicely! :)

Now implemented and working:

  • Glossary feature

  • Pinging after posting

  • and plenty more besides... ;)

I’ve been wondering about the whole shareware registration dilemma. Whether to use nagware, crippleware, time-limited demo or usage-limited demo. I dislike nagware, and I don’t think it makes the user any more likely to pay for your stuff (in fact, it just makes them put an alias to a serials reader on their desktop!). Crippleware is tricky, since you’re not giving the user a chance to experience all of what your app has to offer. Time-limited demos can backfire if the user tries the app once then forgets about it for a few weeks. Usage-limited demos deal with all those problems, but I think that users dislike the idea of only being able to use the app a certain number of times, because they feel pressured to explore it each time they launch it, rather than just doing work. All in all, I think time-limited (30-day) demos are best, though naturally still not ideal.