Jutland, Denmark: a billionaire industrialist seizes control of a top-secret project that the European Defence Agency calls Destiny, manipulating it for his own ends.

Edinburgh, Scotland: physicist Neil Aldridge’s life is saved by an elite EU special forces team, codenamed KESTREL, drawing him into a race against time to prevent a disaster that will claim millions of lives.

As the chase leads to London, Amsterdam and beyond, Aldridge and his allies must battle a ruthless adversary: a trained killer with an unnatural ability, who seeks to hasten the cataclysm.

With time running out, Aldridge discovers that he and his enemy share an astonishing secret, which may be the key to salvation — or cause death on an unprecedented scale…

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The Norwegian Sea: a group of eco-activists disappear from their vessel. Only their dental fillings remain.

Owl Mountains, Poland: a wealthy environmentalist resurrects a secret experiment forgotten since the close of the Second World War, determined to heal our ravaged planet.

When a dossier finds its way to the desk of Dr. Neil Aldridge, the elite EU special forces team codenamed KESTREL is drawn into a dangerous pursuit across Europe and beyond, to prevent a cull of Earth's greatest threat: humanity.

As the final countdown begins, Captain Jessica Greenwood faces the ultimate choice: fight to prevent the dark future ahead, or help make it happen…

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Raw Materials

An anthology of personal essays about nostalgia, fear, humanity, memories, and the author's journey through life.

These pieces have been revised and updated especially for this collection. An exclusive new essay is also included, as well as notes for each one.

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Writing a Novel: Resolving Plot Issues

One of the most challenging stages of writing a novel is preparing for the second draft. What's wrong with the plot? What changes do you need to make, and where? These are daunting questions that all too often lead to stalling.

This 50-page ebook (in PDF, Kindle and ePub/iBooks formats) walks you through a technique for finding the issues with your first draft, working out how to fix them, and preparing a list of needed revisions.

Also included are a set of template documents and worksheets, to help you as you work through the chapters.

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Writing in Markdown

Markdown lets you write plain text in a way that's not only readable as-is, but can also easily be converted to HTML.

If you've ever emphasised a phrase *like this*, you've used Markdown. If you've ever used a series of asterisks to create a makeshift horizontal separator, you've used Markdown. If you've ever made a list by starting each line with a hyphen or a number, you've used Markdown. It's intuitive, it follows very common conventions, and it's simple to learn and use.

This fast read will get you from zero to informed about Markdown in twenty minutes.

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